European Poetry Slam

contest rules


General process

● The qualifiying heat of the contest will take place in five venues in Berlin
● The repartition of the slammers in each venues and the performing order will randomly be draw.
● Four members of the jury will be chosen randomly in the public. The fifth one will be a “professional-slammer”.
● The contest is open to solo or group´s performance
● The poet must provide two original texts. Those texts can be in any languages s/he wants, mixing languages are wellcome. But the participants are pleased to send a translation in English of those poems before the 21th August (Be aware that no delay will be given).
● The qualifying heat will be done on basis of one text. And the final on basis of two turns (the text used for the qualifying heat and another one).
● The competition´s winner will receive gifts in value of 500€ prize.

Commun rules

● Poems can be on any subject.
● Poem must be the original work of the performer
● All styles are welcome and encouraged: acapella, hip-hop, theatrical monologues, literary poetry, sound poetry, dub poetry, rants, haikus, power raps, etc.
● The poem can be slamed by one or a group of slammers
● Each poem must be maximum 3 minutes
● 10-second will be offer as grace period, but after penalty points will be deducted from the final score.
● During the competitions, no musical instruments or pre-recorded music, no Props and no costumes will be allowed. Remember you’ll be judged on delivery as well as content.
● Is acceptable for a poet to incorporate, imitate, or otherwise “signify” on the words, lyrics, or tune of someone else.
● Poets are rated on both content and performance by four judges selected randomly from the audience and one “professional slammer”.
● The judges will give each poem a score from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest or “perfect” score.
● The high and the low scores will be dropped and the remaining three scores will be added together. And the final note will be written in order every body can see it.
● The jury does not be influenced by the public, the slammer or the master of ceremony Three minutes rules and penalities
● Each poem must be maximum 3 minutes. The time begins when the performance begins, which may well be before the first utterance is made. A poet is certainly allowed several full seconds to adjust the microphone and get settled and ready, but as soon as s/he makes a connection with the audience the timekeeper can start the clock.
● There is no performance´s minimum time
● If the poet doesn´t respect the three minute rules, penality points will be given after the 10second grace period. Points will be deducted from the final score following the scale :

Time in minutes penalities
3:10 and under no penalty
3:10.01 – 3:20 -0.5
3:20.01 – 3:30 -1.0
3:30.01 – 3:40 -1.5
3:40.01 – 3:50 -2.0


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