European Poetry Slam


The European Poetry Slam days aims to gather in for 4 days 200 slammers from more than 15 European countries.  All poets will be invited to discuss, exchange and think about their art and cultural movement.

During this event seminars, workshops, an inofficial poetry slam contest and an artist in residence will be organised.

The European Poetry Slam days and the artist in residence are dedicated to experienced and young talented slammers (18 or older) and people involved in the poetry slam scene. It´s managed with the help of associations and members of the slam community in Europe. It´s organized non-profit and receives support from the European Commission.

Seminars, Workshops and Discussions Futher information

European Slam Contest (inofficial)
Qualifying heat the 1st of October in different venues in Berlin. Futher information
Final  the 3rd of October during “the Night of the European Slam.”

Artist in Residence
9 Slammers and a Dj will work on the creation of a Poetry Slam show and present it during “the Night of the Slam” before to tour in 21 european cities. Futher information

The Night of the European Poetry Slam the 3rd of October
Final of the European Poetry Slam competition and presentation of the show created by the artist in residence.

A Recording Box
All during the event, a video recording studio will be at the participants disposal. The slammers will have the opportunity to perform a poetry slam sequence in front of a camera and appear on DVD and website of the Poetry Slam Event.


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