European Poetry Slam

Opening Night Performances

Aggressive Theatre (Slovenia)
(Poetry happening)

Agressive theater

Aggressive Theatre is an association for contemporary arts. A group of poets, that works for the implementation of unusual practices in the field of arts. Young, socially sensitive artists who wish to have a stronger influence on the cultural environment around them by breaking the barriers between private and public and presenting their poetry in a new way. They will present the project STOP POETRY, in which they broke into an apartment building with poetry.

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La tribut du verbe (France)
(prose in solo, duo, trio, or quartet)

la_tribut_du_verbeLa Tribut du Verbe is a slam poets group from Lyon (France), which promotes and pratices slam poetry since 2005. Four slamers, one entity, four poets, obsessed by words, throwing their phrases, proposing their prose in solo, duo, trio, or quartet. No music, no muse sick, La Tribut du Verbe invites you to a polyphonic trip, on turbulents or tenders astounding textures of texts. Voices taking you in an active, direct and energetic poetry where sounds and sens create the sensations.”

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Großraumdichten (Germany)


Großraumdichten, that are the poets Pauline Füg and Tobias Heyel as well as the composer Ludwig Berger. To sum-up theire artistical approach with one word, it would be soonest ‘electropoetry’. Self-reflective, socio-critical poems meet electrobeats, which are kittenish rich in detail and crinkly. Hereby words and music act equal side by side and complete each other.

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Weronika Lewandowska feat. plan.kton and vj fx (poland)(multisensorial, dynamic poetry + dubstep, electronica, dub + visuals)

Neues BildWe can describe Weronika’s poetry as a modern language, which combines technology with language and nature. She has presented her melodic, Slavic verse in Warsaw, Dusseldorf, Augsburg, Brno, Paris, Turin, Paris, Arnheim, taking part in the most important poetry and slam events in Europe.

Together with plan.kton (Błażej Górnicki, Kordian Piwowarski) they discover new ways of fusing words with images and music, using sound and rhythm. They do this by experimenting with different styles – often those which are more associated with the club scene than with quiet poetry evenings. Subtlety fuses with energy; feminine sensitivity and sensuality with the predatory street, which is filled with sinister shadows, lurking in dark nooks and crannies.

Weronika is currently collaborating with plan.kton on a multimedia volume of poetry.

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Margento (Romania)
(spoken word / action painting / jazz fusion)

MargentoMARGENTO is an internationally awarded Romanian poetry performance / action painting / progressive rock project that has won major prizes in UK, Australia, and Romania. They have released two multimedia CDs and a performance-movie. MARGENTO means spoken word and action painting conjunct with music involving keyboards and guitar mixes of trip-hop, progressive and psychedelic rock spiced up with Eastern European motifs and jazz fusion; operatic vocals that plunge every now and then into rock-like crescendos and unprompted jazzy slurs; poetic cadences that fuse with paintings in progress covering huge canvases with improvised compositions, the outcome being off and on enriched with colorful projections.


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