European Poetry Slam



From September 28th to October 4th, the First European Poetry Slam Days will take place in Berlin. About 200 European Poetry Slam representatives (young artists, members of organisations) from 20 European countries will meet and exchange, work together, or improve their skills in colloquiums or workshops. Our goal is to promote the intercultural dialog on a European level as well as an exchange between slammers. In the programm you’ll find professional meetings, an artist-in-residence programm, a European contest (inofficial) and a “Long Night of European Poetry Slam.”

The Professional Poetry Slam Conference
Intending to promote the intercultural dialog on a European level, this meeting will take place in the well known slam location Heimathafen-Neukölln. Slammers from all over Europe will have the opportunity to exchange their ideas, knowledge and experiences. With conferences, seminars and workshops (Slam and Education, Slam and Video, Slam and acting, …) this event will bring different European partners together to work with each other.

The contest (inofficial) and the “Long Night of European Poetry Slam“
The audience will have the chance to discover this fascinating art genre as well as the cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe. On October 1st slammers are invited to match their talents in contests. Winners of these contests will take part in the final of the “Long Night of European Poetry Slam“ on October 3rd. Ten canditates will be chosen after the initial qualifying rounds who will then perform in the big finale , the “Long Night of European Poetry Slam,” .

The artist-in-residence programm “young talents“

Nine slammers and a DJ will take part in the artist-in-residence programm, which will take place in the Ballhaus Ost. Young talents will be coached by a team of professionals (actors, musicians, writers, …). In six days they will create a multi-language performance in play and music. This piece will be performed at the “Long Night of European Poetry Slam“ and will then go on tour through 21 European cities in February, March and April 2010.
CD’s, DVD’s and flyers will be published in the course of the First European Poetry Slam Days and distributed free in different countries. The goal of this event is to honor the work of the participants and to promote the initiatives of the European Poetry Slam Organisations.

This project is organized by the German-French cultural agency Come4event in cooperation with different European poetry slam organisations and supported by the European Commission as well as the Cultural Office Neukölln and several European cultural institutions.
Registration deadline: July, 10th, 2009.
When: September 28th to October 4 th, 2009.
Where: Berlin, Heimathafen-Neukölln for meetings and the “Long Night of European Poetry Slam,“ and Ballhaus Ost for the art-in-residence programm.


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