European Poetry Slam

The Night of the Poetry Slam

Saturday, 3rd October at Heimathafen -Neukölln-

For the closing night for the European Poetry Slam Days, will be organized performances, shows and the final of the contest (inofficial).

From 9pm to …

– Final of the poetry  Slam contest (inofficial) with the ten “best” slammers of the qualifying heat of Thursday night

–  Performance of the artist in residence programm

– Performance of Electrolyrics (Poland) (Poetry + house/trip-hop/electro dub)

elektroliryka_berlin2Electrolyrics is a mixture of new electronic sounds and poetry. A Polish baby born from urgent need of ending up with musical and poetic boredom. A try to reach to barely known levels of sensitivity of a creator and a spectator. To have good fun without tries of making it too big. We want to reset and relaunch your and our own imagination and sensitivity. We want to convince ourselves constantly that the poetic text can be received in an intense movement of a body and emotions. We want to help poetry escape from musical stereotype that forces us to see it in Poland almost only in context of so-called singing poetry or alternative rock. We are hitting Berlin wit a completely new live act loaded with music, poetry, images and dancing. Electro will be provided by Pawel Uszynski, lyrics by Zosia Baldyga and Kuba Przybylowski, the visuals by Michal Szota and the dance performance by Julia Mach.


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