European Poetry Slam

Poetry ! All mixed up !

Poetry in DJ-Mixes
Rayl Patzak
(2 hours 30, max. 8 participants)

Workshop information

Why not giving an old famous poem brandnew fresh gear for the dancefloor ? Rayl P-Jjay works out funky mixes of famous poets, such as Shakespeare, Goethe, Jandl or Baudelaire with the participants of the workshop. He shows how to do easy-first-step scratches, poetic mixes and the art of mixing two well-known classical poems into one new. A grounding discussion will find out, what is important in a poetry-music-track and how it should be built. Exotic Samples of Poetry-Music Tracks will be discussed. As a next step all participants will do poetry-music mixes with their favorite poems on the turntables.


Musical Poetry Performances
Rayl Patzak
(2 hours 30, max. 8 participants)

Being on stage in a poetry slam competition, where music usually is not allowed is one thing, working out an own poetry showcase is another. Let’s bring your poetry to the next level and combine it with music and samples.

Rayl Patzak shows poets how to create an own poetry-music showcase for the stage. As a first step, every participant of the workshop has to find out, what music fits to his own work. Shall it be just soundscapes or a beats ? After that, the workshop members exercise with samplers, turntables, MPC’s, vocoders, effect machines and electronic instruments in four teams of two poets each. Always one is the musician for the other.


RaylRayl Patzak (aka Rayl Da P-Jay) is known for mixing poems into breakbeats in a way, that people can dance on poetry in clubs. From Shakespeare, Schiller & Goethe, over Pumuckl rhymes & Heinz Erhard verses, up to todays slam-, rap-, and dub-poets, there is nearly no poet that has not been in a club mix once done by the P-Jay.

Rayl Patzak has performed his poetry dj shows in clubs, theaters and on festivals all over Europe, Scandinavia and the USA. His poetry parties have amazed people at such exotic places like the Opera House in Detroit, the Teatro Blanco in Barcelona, New Yorks “Nuyorican Poets Cafe”, the legendary Stratford East Theatre in London or the Skyline Arena in Chicago… His charismatic dj-style and Poetry-CD productions have been featured in “London Weekly”, “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, “Chicago Tribune”, the London “Time Out” magazine, Swedens “Metro”, “TAZ”, Munichs “Abendzeitung” or the Italian “Vogue”.


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