European Poetry Slam

Poetry Slam and Pedagogy

Poetry Slam and Pedagogy : The Slam as a teaching tool

Slam Tribu

(1 hour 30)

Workshop information:

The poetry slam gradually invaded schools, colleges, high schools, community centers, associations. Social actors have seen in this movement a great tool to help children/teenagers/students to integrate themselves and to better communicate with each other. With poetry slam, they learn how to write and work on writing in all its forms, how to speak and discover how to listen to the other.
Part 1: Research – approach slam
Part 2: Project – workshop
Part 3: Language and artistic practice


slam tribuSlam Tribu is a French collective, which has launched its first workshops 3 years ago. In parallel, each artist of the “Tribe” is continuing its artistic way, in illustrating itself in competitions (French and European). Selecta Seb won a competition in Turin, Barcella was crowned champion of France in 2007 and Laurent was champion of France 2009 in Bobigny.


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